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DesignLED's Technology was developed through multiple Research & Innovation projects, and Innovation underpins DesignLED's further development.

Innovation = Ideas * Commercialisation

Today we actively seek opportunities for Radical Innovation, making significant steps forward in device performance by adoption of novel materials, new processes and techniques.

Our Innovation Strategy is driven by mega trends, and aligned to specific, quantified, market requirements, and with a clear path to Exploitation.


DesignLED's extensively patented technology combines 

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Radical Innovation

We are actively exploring opportunities for  revolutionary advances in performance and capability, to meet emerging and future needs. 

Our interest is improved materials, components, processes and applications.

Implementation covers a wide range of potential processes, including:

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DesignLED's Innovation Roadmap is dependent Open, Collaborative Innovation.

We have a strong and successful history in UK and EU funded projects, and we are currently engaged in pursuing further gains in technical performance through Funded Development, Joint Development and Paid Development projects.

If you have a proposal or project idea, then we would very much like to hear from you to discuss collaboration.

More about our history in collaborative projects can be found here.

Please Get In Touch to discuss any Research & Innovation project ideas, and potential collaboration with DesignLED.