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The Vision

designLED is proud to present our vision of the near future of automotive lighting. 

We are making this happen with our unique technology, now.


Light can make an impact even before entering the vehicle, with seamless exterior lighting acting as a brand signature and welcoming the driver.  Inside the vehicle, light has tremendous potential to change an environment and accentuate forms.

Integrated designLED technology realises this potential. 

The ability to illuminate surfaces across complex curvature enables user-focused lighting which can either relax or refresh the vehicle occupants. Beyond ambience, there is potential for functional and communicative lighting to further enhance the driving experience. 

Our onboard interactions are about to evolve, as traditional buttons make way for seamless and interactive lit surfaces.  The versatility of designLED technology empowers design departments to create these powerful, emotive lighting features.

 The possibilities are endless, what concepts are you most excited by?

Delivering The Vision

Whether you want to create a sense of calm with a subtle shy-tech inspired animation or inspire and entertain with dynamic movement, our Light Tiles create a canvas of light.

High quality, decorative surface materials create a strong visual impact, these surfaces can be enhanced by adding light and additional printed layers, achieving a sense of depth and richness, drawing interest and curiosity from users. 

Our aim is to help showcase the highest quality wood, fabric, or foil materials with perfectly balanced white light, or full spectrum RGB.