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Bridging the gap between concept and reality, our creative team of innovators work with you to design enriched user experiences for the automotive realm.

From conceptualising next-generation immersive lighting, to adding richness and intrigue to your illuminated smart surfaces; our team are on hand to guide you through our process of design, prototyping and integration of our Light Tiles to your interior or exterior architecture. 

Working with partners throughout automotive design, we regularly interface with colour and trim teams, lighting and innovation engineers as well as manufacturing / process engineers.  

If you have an automotive lighting challenge we’d love to hear from you. 

Design & Development

Co-design workshops with our global customers are integral to our process, ensuring we find solutions that exceed expectations. 

Our team will collaborate with you to deliver design and development projects from concept through to serial production undertaking the following core capabilities: 

Hardware Prototyping


We thrive on solving problems and mitigating challenges through physical testing. 

Our in-house prototyping centre enables us to rapidly create light tiles and optimise a solution through iterative development.

From benchtop level through to proving concepts during design for manufacture, our expert team of model builders is ultra capable. 

  • Rapid prototyping of Light Tiles - allowing quick build and test to solve challenges
  • Optimising optical design to achieve the perfect front surface appearance
  • Mechanical and electrical Integration of light tiles into housing
  • Electrical build and integration of custom power supplies, from prototype level (arduino / raspberry Pi) through to automotive compliant level design and build 
  • Technology transfer to serial production 

Software Prototyping

Our Light Tiles are a blank canvas to display custom UX animations. 

We have the capability to realise UX design concepts through dynamic animation to showcase the potential of both high and low density LED matrices.

Using the latest graphics and programming design tools our team creates custom animations that are translated onto the light tile creating a low resolution display that can showcase inspiring animations bringing surfaces to life.  

Collaborative Innovation

Future-focussed and anticipating upcoming industry needs, our team constantly develops solutions to new technical challenges and expands our technology portfolio.

International collaboration is a large part of our approach, designLED is proud to be a part of the ISELED Alliance and the DVN Network.