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Darc Room 2017


As seen at the darc room 2017, DesignLED offers inspiration and unique concepts for the lighting design community. The company showcased its application-oriented approach by displaying various high-end, backlit materials such as marble, glass, fabric and even organic wallpaper.

Being fully aware that the architectural industry is exceptionally competitive, DesignLED looks for ways to help lighting designers and architects to differentiate themselves and create bold and unique environments that catch attention. So they can express emotions, make a statement and bring space alive with one lighting solution that defies convention.

DesignLED’s Light Tiles integrate discreetly with architecture and create seamless edge-to-edge illumination. Their ability to be installed indoors and outdoors offers a new level of integration in applications such as ambient illumination, material backlighting, façade decoration, branding and public art. The options are endless.

Ness is a high-performance backlighting solution and offers bright, uniform backlighting for mounting depths between 20 - 50mm, whilst Morar is engineered for cost and power savings and ideal for mounting depths between 30 - 65mm. Both flexible lighting solutions can be arranged in numerous ways and the simple design allows quick installation with standard fixings.