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Discover seamless architectural lighting

future of seamles architectural lighting

The ability to see through a physical element whether it be clear glass, sandblasted acrylic or a decorative voile fabric can create a dramatic effect on the overall perception of a space. Integrating light into these surfaces creates a new dimension in Architectural lighting. DesignLED Morar and Ness backlighting modules have been designed to be fully integrated into to surfaces to produce small and large scale homogeneous illuminated surfaces. 

DesignLED’s patented optical system allows ultra-thin flexible sheets of light to be connected to create seamless light surfaces, this surface could be a wall, a ceiling or a floor. The design of the optical system coupled with the precise layout of the LEDs is designed to extract light at a specific angle allowing light to flow over the surface of the module. 

The advanced optical system allows the Ness and Morar lighting modules to be placed close to the surface to be illuminated, starting at 20 mm depending on the physical element creating unlimited surface areas of light creating new experiences in architectural, retail and hospitality applications. Structures, furniture, accessories and fittings with illuminated or backlit elements have become an integral part of modern spaces, Backlit materials from transparent to semi opaque and their clean lines, enticing reflections, soft barriers and textual variations can be relied on to enhance many aspects of modern architecture. 

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