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Enhance store design with creative lighting

enhanced store design with led lights

Setting up a beautiful, vibrant store design for high-quality products plays an important role for architects and designers. The interior could make a difference between closing the sale or watching customers leave. Store owners want to make sure that retail stores pack a visual punch, which could be realised by introducing extraordinary lighting solutions.

Lighting enhances architectural design elements and creates virtual spaces, but in the past, there were limited possibilities with lighting to achieve an immediate “wow” factor. Previously light was directed either from the ceiling, wall or freestanding, constraining the design options available. 

DesignLED’s technology allows lighting to be fully incorporated into any interior or architectural elements and opens up opportunities exponentially. Combining integrated optics and ultra-thin design, the LED panels appear as a hidden light source whilst perfectly illuminating merchandise with no glare and shadowing. It guides the light directly where it is needed and prevents to cast a shadow across retail surfaces. The shelf lighting range provides a unique and simple solution to deliver a new perspective on illumination and an inspiration for exciting new retails spaces. 

Whether integrating direct illumination for entirely new sales floors or revamping pre-existing shelf systems, DesignLED’s Tiles are highly adjustable to virtually any situation. Thanks to their ability to customise, the LED Light Sheets will be able to meet your exclusive specifications.


Clyde Product information 

creative store lighting solutions

The flexible Clyde modular system with its thinness of 2 mm can be seamlessly fitted into different shelf lengths and thereby ensuring that all products are illuminated evenly and once more optimising merchandising. Clyde’s unique advantage to conform to a wide range of shapes makes it an ideal solution to overcome many of the challenges imposed by existing LED systems.


Edinburgh – Product information 

creating light display in retail store

Edinburgh with its slim luminaire design – 6 mm thin - is a remarkable shelf lighting solution to maximise merchandise space. The lighting units give high-quality product illumination free from glare and multi-shadow artefacts. Edinburgh features simple installation and maintenance thanks to its "fit and lock" interconnect system. In a few simple steps, it can be easily mounted in various shelf types as a single unit or in a continuous run.