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We’re heading to IDTechEx 2018… are you?


At DesignLED, we have developed flexible and extremely thin LED Light-Tile solutions for direct illumination and area lighting products in the global lighting market estimated to be worth $ 54.28 Billion by 2022 (Zion Market Research 2017).


Derived from significant investment into research and development, we have invented something which defies convention - a patented, inorganic LED lighting solution which delivers on the aspirational uniform diffuse area lighting promises of OLED (organic) technology, but with the performance and cost of traditional inorganic LEDs.  


Until the advent of our technology, OLED technology was thought to be the next generation of lighting. OLED promises a diffuse area, low glare, flexible, lighting material. However, OLED can be fragile, lacks scalability and is prohibitively expensive. OLED is therefore limited in terms of its commercial potential and wider adoption.


This situation has all changed thanks to the invention of our Nevis platform – an inorganic Light Tile platform based on low cost standard commodity LEDs, populated into printed polymer based optical light guides, creating a scalable, modular panel which can be thought of as a “flat flexible light bulb”.  


Our Nevis technology platform is ultra-thin, mechanically flexible, optically uniform, very robust and is easily customisable and integrated into a large number of area lighting applications. Applications in the built environment, transportation, retail and home, as well as multiple other large niche market segments such as medical, vertical farming and flexible LCD displays are perfectly placed to benefit from this revolutionary approach to LED lighting.


The Nevis platform is based on our internationally patent protected inorganic LED light-guide technology and has designs with efficacy of >100 lumens per watt and a surface luminance of over 20,000 Candelas/m2.


Architects and lighting designers have been looking for a light source that integrates seamlessly with their materials without having to add extra components such as optics, diffusers and heat sinks for many years. The Nevis platform gives them just that, enabling them to be highly creative at a fraction of the cost of OLED.


To hear more about Nevis and to sneak a preview, our CTO and founder, Dr James Gourlay, will be speaking at IDTechEx on 12 April at 12pm in room II.


Well also be exhibiting - visit us at stand 44 and discover more about our unique LED technology.