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Morar revealed

We are excited to unveil the latest member of the multi-award-winning backlighting family, the Morar and we cannot wait to tell you about its fantastic product benefits.  

morar product revealed

Morar is a bright and yet application efficient, invisible lighting installation that is protected against ingress from dust and moisture. It is a unique and fully flexible backlighting display for retail, advertising and architectural lighting applications. 

morar product revealed 2017

Key features:

morar led product

The optimised design layout with our integrated optics offers a perfect solution for uniform backlighting. Due to the exceptional thin profile, the LED Tile can be perfectly incorporated into architecture making it virtually invisible light source. Morar amplifies the visual impact of any architectural or retail application whether small installations to large-scale illumination thanks to its modular form factor and multi cutting options. The mechanically flexible design inspires numerous creative installs in almost any shape imaginable. 

morar led revealed

Available with a choice of LED colour temperatures and ample opportunities for customisation, DesignLED’s lighting solutions revolutionise the way we think about lighting interior and exterior spaces.