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New lighting ideas for the retail sector

new retail lighting ideas

An appealing and modern lighting design is more present than ever before for high-street retailers. Lighting has become a much-appreciated design element in shop fitting to entice customers into the shopping world and ultimately maximise profitability of the store. 

Retailers can gain a competitive advantage by having an alluring store design featuring a contemporary look, new shelf systems, product layouts as well as a harmonious lighting concept. It is vital to create a pleasant atmosphere that encourages shoppers to linger from the moment they enter the store. 

The key of a masterful retail scene-setting is to carefully position the lighting to make aisles and circulation areas fade into the background and to directly draw the visitors’ attention to the goods on the shelves. Hence, the lighting system and installation techniques are becoming increasingly more flexible to meet the high standards of the shop fitters. 

new lighting example in retail setting

What’s unique is that with the Clyde LED module retailers can reinvent their displays in every way imaginable and show their products in the best possible light. Clyde adapts to the shelf and illuminates merchandise evenly, brightly and glare-free in various compilations. Thanks to its ultra-thin design profile, Clyde can be easily integrated into furniture; transforming materials into special elements that help to establish the uniqueness of a store. Clyde’s flexible illumination gives merchandisers countless new ways to attract customers, make them feel great and leave with fond memories at the checkout counter.