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Total Customisation

Customisation in a commodity world

There are many times that a standard product offering is the best technical or commercial solution for your particular application - but what if it’s not? 

A key mantra for the DesignLED team is – “Don’t compromise we can customise!”

Customisation starts with a clear understanding of the problem you are trying to solve. Maybe it’s a specific shape, colour or optical configuration you need - if so, we can help.

If you need a complete system integrating Light Tiles, drivers and materials, we can help.

led lighting applications

Light Tiles

Light Tiles

Our Light Tiles allow total flexibility if needed you can cut to the right size on site for easy installation. Moreover, at the design stage the Light Tiles are highly customisable in size, shape, light output, optics and beam angles, LED selection and colour, input voltage, as well as connectors.

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Change the size of the Light Tiles and optimise for your project or installation – and remember they are also cuttable - no waste, no compromise.

Light Output

A number of low power LEDs are embedded into the Light Tile, ensuring a high light output, while ensuring low temperatures to maintain lifetime. We can deliver up to 20,000 lumens / square metre. With our customisation service, there are options to meet any requirement. What does your project or application need?

Integrated Optics and Beam Angles

Embedded optics means no secondary optics are needed for control of light, ensuring a simple, thin, all in one solution.
A wide range of optics can be integrated within the Light Tiles allowing multiple variations on light distribution, beam angles and uniformity – even mixed on the one Tile if necessary.

LED Selection/Colour

A large variety of LEDs from multiple manufacturers are pre-qualified for use and can be utilised, from warm and cold white (CCT 2500K to 10,000K), different CRI (from >70 Ra for outdoor use to >90 Ra for indoor use), colour tunability/selection and full-colour spectrum RGB or individual colours. Specialist UV and IR LEDs are also possible. Mixing different LEDs is also possible facilitating many different colour possibilities.


We can create Light Tiles to your specific project requirements. Non-geometric shapes, squares, circles, strips, arcs, stars, hexagons or even 3D shapes are just some examples of what is possible. Modularity is built in.

Connector and Integration

A range of thin, small or flat connection solutions can be used achieving from IP20 to IP67 to meet installation requirements. Multiple connection points and longer connector tabs can be designed into the Light Tiles. For Tiles with embedded control chips or multi-channel, we can utilise 2-10 pin connections.


Our customisation service can design input voltage to match the installation requirement. Our standard Tiles have typical 24 V DC input voltage, allowing the use of standard power supplies in the market and are dimming compatible with any control system.
Constant current or constant voltage (12, 24, 48, or anything in between), DC-DC or POE designs are possible.

Smart Lighting

Integrating LED components with sensors to create intelligent Light Tiles will be a big part of the future as Lighting integrates with the evolving world of the Internet of Things (IoT). Bluetooth / Zigbee / Wifi control chips can be embedded within the Light Tiles. What would you like to sense and why?



DesignLED Technology lends itself to the creation of unique lighting systems solving real problems in the real world.

We can configure our award-winning Light Tiles exactly as you would like them, and tweak the way they operate using our suite of drivers, controllers, sensors, reflectors, diffusers and housing options.

You are the customer – you decide!

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Drivers & Controls

We can create an application specific system using our standard constant voltage drivers and constant current drivers, coupled with our Standard or customised Light Tiles.

Using controls such as 1-10 V, Dali, DMX, KNX and others we can optimise application efficiency and if need be, integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

Reflectors, Diffusers and Housing

Reflectors can transform double-sided Light Tiles into an optimised single-sided lighting module, depending on the effect and end result you are looking for. Different diffusers can be added to our Tiles to enhance the visual appearance required and customised housings can transform your design or meet your technical needs.

Return on Investment

In the past few years, the industry focus has been on energy savings – whilst still extremely important, that argument is true for nearly all LED solutions and we believe we have to deliver more.

What makes DesignLED solutions so unique is the ability to customise entire lighting applications to create further opportunities for return on your investment.

Do you or your customers really want to buy lighting products, or do you want to sell more shoes, and at a higher margin?

Do you want to see lighting fixtures, or marvel at your magnificent products, designs and architectural creations in all their glory?

Let us create a unique and value-added system to meet your specific project or application requirements, not just point you to a boring product catalogue!

Service & Support

Service & Support

Our skilled and experienced team are on hand to help you with whatever you need to make your lighting project a success.

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If you need assistance with design, project management or any other aspect, tell us what you want and we will customise not only our products but also how we serve and support you.

We can satisfy all your project needs from light planning and design, technical and optical configuration, material testing and visualisation of projected results.

We can conduct research to resolve complex technical challenges and we also
offer consulting support to ensure your project is successful from beginning to end.

As a valued customer of DesignLED you should enjoy exactly the right products, service and support you need - it’s your project and it should be delivered how you want it.

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Dare to think differently with DesignLED.

The DesignLED team are programmed to be helpful, so get in touch and see what we might be able to create together.

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