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Stunning retail spaces

stunning retail space using led light

Attractive and eye-catching displays are the key to a store’s success, which can be easily utilised by creative lighting solutions. Create hype around your product or display by adding a touch of otherworldly magic that the retail market is known for. Last month we focused on how simple integration of direct illumination can enhance your store design and achieve an immediate “wow” factor. Taking it to the next level, we would like to show you how to create even a more dramatic effect on the colour and texture of merchandise by combining direct illumination and backlighting elements. 

DesignLED presents a unique and complete application oriented product solution – the Porthole – to put your products in the best light. The Porthole creates a unique atmosphere and excites the senses, making it the ultimate shopping experience.


retail lighting examples

The flexible Clyde LED module guides the light directly where it is needed, enhancing the character and smoothness of a product – showing all fine details of it. When combined with the backlighting Ness Tile it creates a soft, homogenous illumination, highlighting the line and composition of your retail display. The application and integration of lighting are virtually invisible, whilst avoiding shadowing artefacts or glare. 

This can only be achieved by combining the unique product advantages of the thin Ness backlighting module and the flexible Clyde Tile. Powered by high efficient drivers together with state-of-the-art smart controls the Porthole will be definitely the highlight of your store.