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About Us


Innovative Lighting Technologies for the Automotive Market

Since 2004, designLED has been defying the conventions of LED lighting to create new, more useful technologies.

Our team not only recognizes the potential of light to transform ambience and provide information, but understands how to manipulate light to create these effects. With our unique patented technology platform, we can efficiently illuminate spaces with both ambient and directional lighting. Our agile innovation processes at our design development and prototyping centre in Scotland allow us to continuously optimize our technologies for near future use cases. Looking forward, designLED is primed and excited for the increasingly important role of lighting in automotive design.

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Our Technology


Our internationally patented, award-winning technology

The DesignLED technology portfolio includes 66 granted patents supporting a wide range of lighting and human-machine interface applications. Our technology inherently offers extreme space-efficiency, improved performance and lower cost, which makes it uniquely suitable for the Automotive market.


Our award-winning technology is all about manipulating light using our unique optics. It consists of encapsulating LEDs within ultra-thin and mechanically flexible transparent tiles with integrated optics. This enables us to dynamically illuminate surfaces with a minimal air gap (or none at all) and high optical efficiency. Our technology can offer unparalleled thinness and uniformity across directional lighting, backlighting or custom applications. We can deliver OLED appearance, with standard LEDs.

Human-Machine Interface

At DesignLed, we also have the capability to integrate uniformly lit capacitive switches and other sensors within our light tiles. This approach can facilitate a new level of interactive or SMART surfaces, enhancing the driver and passenger experience.

Technology features & benefits:

  • Thin, flat, and flexible
  • Transparent
  • High optical efficiency
  • Up to 20,000 lumens per square metre
  • Easily customisable

  • Our Headlines

    designLED Vision

    designLED is proud to present our vision of the near future of Automotive lighting. We are making this happen with our unique technology, now.


    Driving Vision News 2020

    DesignLED are looking forward to exhibiting at the DVN (Driving Vision News) Lighting Workshop in Munich, January 28-29th 2020. DVN is a global community of networked experts sharing information about lighting, driver assistance systems and car interior innovations. Topics to be explored at the conference include the new level of driver and passenger experience facilitated by ambient lighting, interior surface material trends and the latest technologies involved.

    We are excited to showcase our next generation automotive demonstrators, including examples of RBG, dynamic, edge to edge lighting solutions which will enable these new and future automotive interior experiences. Our CTO, Dr. James Gourlay, has been invited to do a special speaker session at the event.

    DesignLED in Japan

    DesignLED in Japan

    CEO Stuart Bain and CTO James Gourlay have just returned from Japan, where they were visiting automotive leaders in the region. They discussed how DesignLED technology (such as addressable RGB surfaces and integrated capacitive switches) can enable the accelerating market trends in interior lighting and facilitate new interior vehicle experiences.

    There was an excellent response in Japan to the core elements of the DesignLED value proposition for interior car lighting – end customer attraction, space and cost efficiency, and unique performance and quality.

    The team were also highly impressed with the regional Automotive sector knowledge and support received from DVN (Driving Vision News) in Tokyo and already the relationship with this expert network is proving invaluable.

    A Novel Application

    A Novel Application

    In a “slight detour” from our usual Automotive lighting activities, the design team were recently tasked with an unusual request, to create an illuminated ‘toast’ light tile, to celebrate special memories for our CFO’s parents’ anniversary. The team had fun creating this gift, which showcases the unique versatility of DesignLED technology: dynamic light, custom form factor and uniform “toast” area.

    PHENOmenon Photonics

    PHENOmenon Photonics

    DesignLED were delighted to attend the PHENOmenon consortium meeting in Würzburg, Germany, last week.

    PHENOmenon is a Horizon2020 Photonics project, to develop a revolutionary laser-based manufacturing process for custom holographic optostructures, through nonlinear photochemistry. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 780278. PHENOmenon project is an initiative of the Photonics Public Private Partnership.

    We've seen significant developments in the simulation of potential performance, together with developments in materials and processing. We look forward to the working with the consortium in 2020, in building demonstrators which offer potential future gains in performance across sectors like Automotive.

    (Image: PHENOmenon project)

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